Getting to "yes" in a world of "no"…

“The Startup Manifesto”

Welcome to the future.

But my future is not the same as yours.

Your weight is now your weakness: times have changed.

My army of one laughs disdainfully at your decadent empire.

You speak to your disbelieving customers with a megaphone.

I listen to them with a microphone, grasping a different world.

You fight each other in meetings to keep your dead jobs intact.

All the while, I continue to dream, design, execute, and ship.

You wonder why your salesmen have stopped closing.

I wonder why there are so many market gaps open.

You idly muse about what the future might hold.

I’m too busy inventing it to care.

You are the roadkill.

I am the car.



Comments on: "“The Startup Manifesto”" (2)

  1. sorry for you if you have that in mind to give you ideas and courrage against the odds.
    Yes big corporation can fall to the attacks of some startups,
    but most startups die before nobody notices from their own weaknesses.
    We are not here to kill big companies but to try to contribute better in a new team than in an established company. It is a bet, sometimes the sole consequence of being unable to succeed in big companies.

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