Getting to "yes" in a world of "no"…

Entitled “What if New Business Owners had to tell the truth?“, Ramsey Dellinger’s post is nothing short of a blogging tour de force. By sledgehammering so many points on the head in a row, he almost makes satire look like a competitive sport that his inner demons drive him to win at. Have a read, you’ll enjoy it, I’m sure.

By way of comparison, “What if UK business angels had to tell the truth?” might look something like this:-

“It’s great to meet you: I got rich mostly by not spending money, so because  you’re sucker enough to pony up for these canapés / this meal / these drinks, I don’t honestly mind surrendering a bit of my time.

Really, these angel pitching events are a bit like ‘Dragon’s Den‘ for me, insofar as I get to watch a whole load of second-rate pitches from afar which I’ll forget inside five minutes. Realistically, the chances that your proposed business and I have any point in common is atrociously thin – I made my money in such a different way from you (and in such a different time and market) that we might as well be on different planets.

Besides, my wife/husband has a veto on all the investment deals I come up, and the last ten proposals she/he’s said no to were all vastly more convincing than yours, so please try not to get too encouraged if I fail to laugh out loud in derision. But cheer up, it could be worse – at least you’re not pitching to VCs, eh?”



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