Getting to "yes" in a world of "no"…

It’s a line that just about every entrepreneur should have printed on his/her business card and/or forehead, to help fend off the waves of startup service company representatives that assail you at pretty much every public event you go to:

  • patent agents / IP lawyers
  • hotdesk / virtual office / virtual fax / virtual phone answering / virtual address
  • PR / marketing / social media / SEO / community engineers
  • design / web / creative services
  • equipment hire / car hire
  • crowdfunding / network introduction / pay-to-prepare / pay-to-pitch / pay-to-be-funded
  • cloud accounting / invoicing / factoring / statementing
  • business card printing / headed paper design
  • rich cynics / pitch clinics / mentors / centaurs

Have I missed anything? Yes! If I take my inbox at face value, it seems that just about every day a brand new, subtly differentiated startup service niche opens up (often in Tech City, curiously enough). How I wish for a [service company spam] filter on my inbox! But until such a dream comes true, all I can sensibly say is…

Sorry, I don’t need your fabulous startup service. [Errrm… now piss off].


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