Getting to "yes" in a world of "no"…

This is what I’m aiming to avoid 😉

Unsurprisingly, the reason I’ve been rejigging my pitch deck of late is that this evening (17th January 2012) sees my first business presentation for a fair few months. It’ll be at the 3Cs community, by all accounts a nicely eclectic London-based group of entrepreneurs, techies and investors – it encourages its members to “Pay It Forward” by helping other people out, rather than merely being snarky and pouncing on opportunities etc.

Just so you know, I’m reliably informed that the “Connections – Commitment – Capital” tagline that appears on its website is actually a [much later] backronym – the name “3Cs” originally came about because it was set up by three guys called Colin. 🙂

I was very kindly introduced to the 3Cs by Mike Scase (who I met via Rosco Paterson, Redhill’s one-man network hub) and Alan Ferdman (who I met through KRTI): I’m therefore honour-bound to fill them with copious amounts of beer in the pub afterwards. If you find yourself near the Rack and Tenter from about 8.30pm (it’s super-close to Moorgate BR & Underground stations), feel free to say hi. 🙂


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