Getting to "yes" in a world of "no"…

1. You found a business plan checklist on a celebrity VC blogger’s site, and followed it right to the letter.

  • Wrong! VCs almost never invest in startups, so why on earth are you taking their stupid advice?

2. Your plan does exactly what Steve Jobs / Mark Zuckerberg / Alan Sugar / Anita Roddick / etc etc said in his/her book.

  • Wrong! Most super-rich people got there in spite of what they did to get there, not because of it.

3. You’ve got an MBA.

  • Wrong! Make money consulting for clients who have money and no brains, not for entrepreneurs with brains and no money.

4. The plan sells your business on its rational merits and a modest growth projection.

  • Wrong! People will only back your plan if they think it’ll make them stupendously rich, despite all your flaws.

5. It’s a bit of an unsexy industry, but the figures are terrifically strong.

  • Wrong! The cocktail party test = “Hey, Steve, what’s that company you’ve just invested in?”, “Oh, it’s a bit dull but…”

6. We have two patent applications pending, and a really strong IP angle going forward.

  • Wrong! Patents scare the pants off most investors, who worry they will drain the coffers dry before you’ve sold a thing.

7. Though I’m a solo entrepreneur, I have deep experience & a fantastic industry network.

  • Wrong! Angels worry that you’ll turn out to be a deluded nutter from an episode of Dragon’s Den they missed

8. I have a fantastic Advisory Board, including a former government minister & a retired general.

  • Wrong! You gave away points in your business to know-nothing idiots like that? What were you thinking?

9. I follow Lean Startup principles religiously.

  • Wrong! You’ll obviously believe any fairy-dust solution that drops in your virtual in-tray. Get real, OK?

10. I wrote it with the help of several mentors and a professional business plan writer.

  • Wrong! You’re so anxious to hand your cash to startup parasites that none if it will go towards actually making money.

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