Getting to "yes" in a world of "no"…

For me, entepreneurialism is simply about…

  • using intelligence, cunning, and sociality
  • to convert opportunity, agility and (limited) capital
  • into action, profit, and (sustainable) growth.

i.e. using different kinds of knowledge…

Intelligence‘ = technical brains, forward reasoning, deductive logic
Cunning‘ = sales, reverse reasoning, inductive logic
Sociality‘ = social brains, PR, outreach, persuasion

…to make the most of internal and external resources…

Opportunity‘ = imbalances in external markets, systemic distortions, inconsistent behaviour, arbitrage
Agility‘ = moving fast, prototyping, iterating, listening to customers, rolling with the punches
Capital‘ = cash, resources, time, goodwill, support

…such that your enterprise finds a growing place for itself in the world through action…

Action‘ = actually doing something or building something, rather than just preparing endless slideshows
Profit‘ = selling products or services for more than their amortized cost (and the earlier the better)
Growth‘ = finding ways of competing and winning in more and more market segments

So… which bit of the above don’t you yet do?


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