Getting to "yes" in a world of "no"…

It’s a while since I made a proper web-log blog post, so here are some interesting JavaScript postcards from the edge that I found while trawling the web. Enjoy!

* Best link there is: Essential JavaScript Design Patterns by Addy Osmani – great little ebook (and free!)

* Peter Michaux’s Early and Late Mixins

* What is the length of a JavaScript array?

* JavaScript declaration hoisting – great for job interview tests, terrible for real code

* It turns out that you the JavaScript delete operator can never delete objects (only properties of objects). Just so you know!

* How to have a JavaScript function return undefined.

* A neat JavaScript chess programme called GarboChess. I like it!


Comments on: "JavaScript’s Outer Limits…" (4)

  1. This is fun 🙂

    Quite like JS semantically, there’s a lot of lisp underneath that C like façade. Not all that keen on it syntactically though.

    Had a really nice time playing around with coffee script, a transpiled language that’s a bit terser and nicer to write. Now messing around in ClojureScript, Clojure for JS

    If I was trying to make a living out of this though it’d be raw JS all the way. I only code a laugh these days (and the code would make you laugh) so I can muck about with all sorts of non-practical things and get to be a language snob 😀

    Anyway, how you doing?


    • Hey Gaz, I’m doing reasonably OK, family’s fine (Alex is now 9). Looking for a new contract, so giving myself a (virtual) refresher course on all the ridiculous language features that nobody ever uses / relies upon in real projects (but which might potentially come up in a sadistic tech interview). So wtfjs is perfect!

      Here’s a ridiculous we-did-this-just-because-we-could JavaScript thing that’s wtfjs on steroids:

      HTF are you?

  2. Hey cool 🙂 Good to hear you, Julie and Alex are doing well. Not so bad here either 🙂

    Sue and Charlie are good (he’s five now!) and enjoying life up here in Scotland. The games industry is just as bumpy inside as it no doubt looks outside but we seem to be making our way and have some good, enjoyable work on the go at the moment.

    You still on the same phone number? Be nice to catch up for a chat.

    • The phone number is, in the words of David Byrne & co, “same as it ever was, same as it ever was”. 😉 Would be great to hear your voice, it’s been far too long, etc.

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