Getting to "yes" in a world of "no"…


This is Nick Pelling’s startup funding blog – thanks for dropping by!

About this blog: this is a collection of (usually mercifully brief) posts related to UK startup funding, almost all inspired by my (ongoing) experience of attempting to get my security camera company (Nanodome Ltd) funded. The key thing I’ve learnt is that almost everything written about startups is (a) badly out of date, and (b) abysmally misleading: consider this blog a tiny antidote to the toxic nonsense typically passed off as ‘entrepreneurial wisdom’.

About Nick Pelling: after 20+ years writing old-school computer games (most of which are listed on my Wikipedia page), I moved sideways into embedded software around 2000; got an MBA (with Distinction); got sidetracked with the Voynich Manuscript and other historical ciphers; worked for some security camera companies, twice as CTO; before designing an innovative Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera in 2007, which I have been trying to bring to market ever since.

About Nanodome: this is the security camera company I’m trying to start up, as per its website here. Its many failings include: unfashionable sector focus (security & manufacturing); looking for a sensible level of funding (not £50K, don’t make me laugh); and poor economic timing (angel money and pixie dust are currently trading at par, apparently).

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