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If you’re a UK entrepreneur wondering how on earth you’ll ever get your startup funded, this blog is the place for you – click on the (totally free) [Sign me up!] button on the right and I’ll send you through site updates by email. Easy!

And to save you the bother of laboriously trawling through all the pages and categories for nuggets of startup gold, here’s a nice selection of links to recent posts you might find useful:-

Cheers, ….Nick Pelling…. 😉


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  1. Hi Nick, This is a great Blog and I have hit follow. However I am writing a book abut using jigsaws in the classroom and you are credited by Wikipedia as the person who coined the term gamification. I can gather together information of course – but I d not have your experience. Do you have a post, article, or book about that? Do you do guest Blogs? Jo (I am not in the UK but I do like the Guardian

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